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Commercial and Advertising Illustration

Fieldcandy 'Wish you were here' saucy seaside postcard style tent design by Huldrick.

Jon has designed a tent for the exclusive Fieldcandy range. The tents were displayed at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles and attracted a lot of attention.


Jon was asked to produce the "Wish You Were Here" design to emulate the traditional saucy seaside postcard images. The tent is designed so that it can be used as a photographic prop by passers by creating a real focus of interest.


To see more of the Fieldcandy range or to purchase one of these limited edition tents visit the Fieldcandy website.

Fieldcandy "Wish you Were Here" Tent design by Huldrick.
Fieldcandy "Wish you Were Here" Tent design by Huldrick.

Jon has produced many illustrations for commercial and advertising projects.

He can work in many styles ranging from slick airbrush renderings, 3D computer models, technical and industrial illustration and cartoons.

Jon is also able to design logos for both corporate and small businesses.

If you require technical, commercial or advertising illustration or a new logo design why not contact Rebel Gallery for a quotation

Concorde illustration for promotional literature by Huldrick.
Let's Do Business logo design by Huldrick.
Saucy Seaside postcard style illustration by Huldrick.
Hammer and Tongs beer bottle logo design
Illustration of coiled telephone lead made from hair for L'Oréal advertising campaign by Huldrick.
Smithy beer label logo design by Huldrick.
3D Cad Tree Pit illustration by Huldrick.
Airbrush 3m Spraymount brochure cover artwork by Huldrick.
Exploded view of kettle technical illustration by Huldrick.