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Rebel Gallery IS the gallery space
of Jon 'Huldrick' Wilhelm
and Suzanne Wilhelm
two talented artists each with
unique but complimentary styles

Jon Wilhelm

aka : Huldrick

Visit Jon's personal website:

Jon Wilhelm (Huldrick) has been a professional artist and illustrator for over 30 years and has worked on projects for international clients such
as American Express, L'Oréal and 3M.

In his early career he specialised in photorealistic airbrush illustrations of Formula 1 and classic cars and sold originals to both teams and drivers.

In 2004 he opened Rebel Gallery in Hastings Old Town in partnership with Suzanne. The gallery was created to provide an outlet for both Jon and Suzanne's work providing an opportunity for customers to purchase works direct form the artists at commission free prices making them affordable to a wider audience.

Over the years Huldrick's passion for his local town, Hastings in East Sussex, has led to the production of his popular local watercolours and limited edition prints which are available from the gallery or online. Having lived in the town for over 50 years he still finds it an exciting place to be and work.

He is often to be found on the Stade or the beach in Hastings with a sketchbook or camera in hand. "I spend a lot of time staring out to sea or scouring the Stade for inspiration" He says.

His current passion is for large scale oil seascape and landscape paintings many of which have sold through the gallery.



Ayrton Senna original airbrush illustration by Jon Wilhelm
Original painting by Hastings artist Jon Wilhelm
Pioneer NN200 photograph by Jon Wilhelm.

Huldrick has always had an interest in photography and a friend suggested adding this to the displays in the gallery. Huldrick's photography has proved very popular with our visitors.

Huldrick currently divides his time between painting, photography and running the gallery.

"I can never decide if I should have a camera or a brush in my hand at any time. Although I am happiest at the moment with a large canvas and a big brush or palette knife!"

Portrait of Hastings artist Suzanne Powell.

Suzanne Wilhelm

Suzanne has recently joined Rebel Gallery and is making waves with her imaginative, distinctive, energetic style of painting. Suzanne likes to work on large scale projects using paint to create images that have a sense of movement and emotion.


"I like to create pictures that make people feel happy." She says.

Original painting by Hastings artist Suzanne Powell.
Original watercolour painting by Suzanne Powell.
Original watercolour painting by Suzanne Powell.