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The drawings and sketches on this page are taken from my working sketchbooks.


I always like to have a sketchbook to hand when out and about. It is interesting to observe people and capture quick sketches of them going about their daily business.


It is a great discipline to sketch people naturally in the wild so to speak. You never know when they are going to move or get up and go so speed is the essence.

I sometimes carry a few basic watercolour pencils or some tubes of Gouache for added colour.

This make for simple colour sketches done at speed on location.

Chapel Rock,


North Cornwall

La Rochelle,

Perranporth, North Cornwall

Sketches of the North Cornish coast

Honfleur, Normandy

Sketchbook. Hastings Stade sketch by Huldrick
Sketchbook. Hastings stade. Tonal Sketch by Huldrick.

Hastings Stade sketch

Hastings Stade tonal sketch

Sketch on location St Tropez harbour front by Huldrick
Sketch on location St Tropez harbour front by Huldrick

St Tropez harbour front

St Tropez harbour front

Sketch. Bluebird yacht in St Tropez by Huldrick.